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Learn how to be a better K9 parent and establish a truly rewarding bond with your dog through one of our online courses today.

It’s Not About the Dog (INATD) online dog training puts Zigrid's highly valued program at easy reach for all dog owners. 

Courses, developed, and refined through practical experience, and scientific evidence-based methods, empower K9 parents to fulfill their pet’s needs—achieving calmer dogs and happy dog owners.

Whether you have a new puppy or a dog that has problems (barks/hassles you and guests / persists with unwanted behaviour / is reactive, fearful, etc.) or simply you want to be a better K9 parent and develop a stronger bond with your dog, then Zigrid's approach will help and make a difference.  

It is recommended you start with the “Basic Needs of a Dog” course, or if you have a puppy begin with the “Puppy Lifestyle Program”  which includes the “Basic Needs” course.

Meet your instructor

Zigrid Phillips
Qualified Behavioural Dog Training Specialist

Zigrid, a dedicated and passionate dog-lover and behavioural dog training specialist, practising in Brisbane, has developed this online program in a response to assist more dogs and dog owners.

After almost two decades of unwavering research, dedication, and perseverance, Zigrid finally stumbled upon a different type of training method; one that changed the way she would deal with these beloved creatures forever.

You see, to Zigrid, it’s so much more than just “dog training”. Zigrid believes that we should not teach dogs “what” to think, but rather “how” to think, which is why she has carefully crafted a technique that rewards dogs for a job well done, ultimately strengthening the relationship between dog and owner. Zigrid is currently the proud K9 parent of Ryda Boy (Kelpie x). Zigrid’s dogs are always her inspiration and reason for being.

Zigrid is commonly known as “The Voice For Dogs”

With a natural ability to understand their feelings, thoughts, and desires. Zigrid’s revolutionary and unique dog training techniques are a direct reflection of her own style and personality - respectful, caring, loving, understanding, and giving. The many grateful and happy dog owners are a great testament to Zigrid’s innovative teaching methods.

Zigrid will keep working with dogs and their owners as her driving goal is to support each to have a better and more enriched lifestyle. Dogs—A humans best friend, the only beings on Earth that love YOU unconditionally and have so much to offer. they deserve so much in return. This is what motivates Zigrid in achieving a happy dog + happy family.

Some of our happy K9 friends

“After completing the puppy program with our first dog; we knew exactly what to do when we got our 2nd puppy—black Lab, Blu. Ziggy has a well structured and logical approach with both puppies and their parents’ well-being at the heart of every aspect. Beginning with an understanding that for success, pet-parents need to fulfil all basic needs; so what follows on from there is easy and do-able. I loved the fact that Ziggy endorsed individual lifestyle preferences such as letting dogs sleep on beds, or sit on couches; or not—depending on your choice. I especially loved the way the program sets you and your puppy up for success. Ziggy, Blu and I can’t thank you enough.”

John with Blu

“We completed a private program with our boy Marshall, after training methods taught to us by another company felt wrong and weren’t working. Zigrid totally opened our eyes to canine lingo and helped us understand what Marshall ACTUALLY needs from us. We received so much information from Zigrid and Marshall’s changed behaviours are the proof she knows exactly what she’s talking about! Zigrid was always quick to respond to any questions we had along the way. You can tell she has a genuine passion for dogs and for educating their humans on how to give their fur-babies the best life possible! We will be forever grateful to you Zigrid and thank you for doing what you do.”

Kelly with Marshall

Another one of our happy clients!

Sue & Golden Retriever Asha

Thank you Ziggy for the awesome guidance and training for our girl Asha and ourselves. I enrolled in the puppy program which includes the “Basic Needs” — right from the get-go ensuring adequate support for a dog’s basic needs makes good sense and is really so fundamental. Whilst this seems like common-sense and logical, there is in fact a lot to learn. Science and research on living with dogs has come a long way. Ziggy is clearly on top of all of this, uncovering the essence of what is needed in a practical sense—such worthy and rewarding learning. I have always had dogs as pets and thought I was a good dog parent, but now understanding more about dogs and meeting their needs, I feel empowered to be a much better dog owner. As a consequence, I love the strong bond we have with Asha. It is truly beautiful and something that money can’t buy. Asha and I thank you so much!